A Boundary of Light Filtered by Fragments

Purpose of The Collaboration

Minagawa Akira launched Minä Perhonen with his original fabrics, building it into a unique brand with an integrated approach to material development, design, and retail. Today, Minagawa applies his creative touch to numerous fields, designing everything from fashion and interior products to tableware and other everyday items. This collaboration brings together Minagawa and Peter Ivy, a glass artisan known for his exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic sense. Drawn to the relationship between culture and daily life, Ivy creates handcrafted pieces that add depth to living spaces. His work incorporates hints from his own life, which are also reflected in the ongoing renovation of his home studio. Through repeated exchanges, the two creators decided to take an approach based on the concept of translucency, a commonality of glass and fabric.

Minagawa Akira

Born in 1967, Minagawa is a fashion designer based in Tokyo. He is the founder and designer behind Minä Perhonen, a fashion brand centered on original fabrics with hand-drawn designs. His recent exhibitions include Minä Perhonen—Minagawa Akira tsuzuku at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (2019) and the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art (Kobe, 2020).



Tulle textile|Embroidery

Peter Ivy

Born in 1969 in Austin, Texas (United States), Ivy currently lives in Toyama Prefecture. He is an artist, craftsman, creative director, and the founder of the Peter Ivy glassware brand. His minimalist approach, which emphasizes form and simplicity, has been hailed as a new wave in glass art both in Japan and abroad.