Atsumaru (“Gather”) Glass Drink Set

Purpose of The Collaboration

Mori Yoshitaka is a director known for movies such as Space Brothers (2012) and Parallel World Love Story (2019). Since moving to Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Mori has become interested in the region’s history and culture. In 2020, he produced The Lives of Kutani’s People, a short documentary about the people behind Kutani ceramics. For this collaboration, he has shifted his focus from ceramics to glass, moving away from visual expression to collaborate with the Toyama Glass Studio as a product director to create a glass carafe and cup set. The Toyama Glass Studio is a workshop and facility that employs glassmakers well versed in various techniques. The studio also engages in collaborations with third-party designers and artists.

Mori Yoshitaka

Born in 1979, Mori currently lives in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. After directing television documentaries, Mori made his film debut in 2008 as the director of Hyaku Hachi (108). He has won domestic and international awards for numerous films, including Space Brothers (2012), Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow (2016), and Parallel World Love Story (2019). Mori is currently based in Kanazawa and Tokyo.

Satoshi: A Move for Tomorrow

Toyama Glass Studio

The Toyama Glass Studio was established in Toyama (the “City of Glass Art”) in 1994 to foster the local culture and industry of glass art. One of the city’s key cultural facilities, the studio produces and sells works of glass, rents glassmaking facilities to artists, and offers glassmaking workshops for visitors.

Toyama Glass Studio