Light Box

Purpose of The Collaboration

Oniki Koichiro is an architect and designer who specializes in spatial design. Oniki sheds light on his client’s ideas and stories, and his minimalist designs are renowned for their transparent sense of space. For this project, Oniki designed a portable light in collaboration with the metalsmith Takemata Yuichi. Takemata refers to his work as “handicraft manufacturing” (shukogyo). His process combines the advantages of machines and manual work to produce cutlery, tableware, and jewelry. Takemata also creates unique and innovative products like original tea boxes and interior accessories. Both Oniki and Takemata stand out for their excellent style and aesthetic sensibilities.

Born in 1977 in Tokyo, Oniki spent part of his childhood in the United Kingdom. He holds a degree in architecture from Waseda University’s Graduate School of Science and Engineering. In 2015, Oniki established the Oniki Design Studio (ODS). He is active in many fields with a focus on architecture, interior, and exhibition-space design. Oniki is the recipient of numerous domestic and international awards.


Takemata Yuichi

Born in 1975 in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. Takemata began learning metalsmithing in 1995 and became an independent artist in 2002. In 2004 he opened the store Kiku, followed by Sayuu in 2010. Takemata makes custom jewelry, housewares, and tea utensils. He pursues an aesthetic beauty that is not bound by function or methodology, using a variety of techniques ranging from surface distressing to precision mirror finishes.