Original Washi Wallpaper

Purpose of The Collaboration

For this collaboration, Hosoo Masataka and Taki Washi Paper came together to create an original wallpaper. Hosoo is the head of a generations-old producer and seller of Nishijin textiles, and Taki Washi Paper is an Echizen washi papermaker that specializes in large-sized sheets of washi for fusuma sliding doors and other uses. The collaboration approaches the question of how to best use the characteristics of Echizen washi to create a wallpaper with a visionary design. Hosoo is known for his innovative ideas. While Nishijin textiles traditionally consisted predominantly of obi (kimono sashes), he revolutionized his family business and began developing original textile products that have been embraced by international fashion brands. Meanwhile, Taki Washi Paper is an experienced paper company known for their creativity, using both handmade and machine-made techniques to meet the needs of the times.

Hosoo Masataka

Born in 1978. Hosoo is the CEO of Hosoo Co., Ltd. and an MIT Media Lab Director’s Fellow. He is the 12th generation head of the Hosoo family, which has been producing Nishijin textiles in Kyoto since 1688. Masataka uses techniques from the Nishijin tradition to create innovative textiles for international audiences. His company’s textiles enjoy the support of some of the world’s top fashion brands.

Interior view of the Hosoo Flagship Store

Taki Washi Paper, Inc.

Established in 1875. Taki Washi Paper produces large-sized sheets of hand- and machine-made paper (100 by 200 cm). Their handmade paper includes coverings for fusuma sliding doors, original washi, and Japan’s only fusuma-sized danshi, a luxurious paper with a wrinkled texture. They also produce machine-made paper at widths of up to 2 meters. Their paper is used in everything from daily life to works of art.

Taki Washi Paper Inc.