Igarashi Paper Co.

Igarashi Paper Co.,Ltd., which celebrates its 100th anniversary, has manufactured various products ranging from large Japanese washi paper of their own unique design to small items since its founding in 1919. They have engaged mainly in a wide range of productions such as wallpaper, fusuma paper, booth paper, creative Japanese paper (paper processed for decoration), and Japanese paper for lightings and etc. In recent years, in addition to the modern creativity, architectural works have been introduced in such as “Washi glass”, which is made by sandwiching Japanese paper between panels of glass. From domestic as well as international clients, Igarashi Paper Co.,Ltd., makes both handmade and machine-made papers that are highly popular for overseas artists in the recent years.

Address: 12-14 Iwamotocho,Echizen-shi,Fukui 915-0233
TEL: 0778-43-0267
Opening Hours: 8:00~17:00
Closed: Sundays , holidays and Saturdays (irregular)
Directions: 【By Train】15 minutes by car from JR Takefu Station and Sabae Station.
Parking: 3 standard size cars