Tikuryu Kiln Workshop/ Kitamura Kazuyoshi

An interesting architecture of Chikuryugama Studio is the highlight. An old Nenbutsu Temple, which was relocated from Toga Village in Toyama Prefecture, is found sitting in the space together in the studio. The paintings of the sliding doors inside were created by the late Mr. Shimizu Kosuteru of Todaiji Temple. There is also a Buddhist room beautifully made from woodgrain Zelkova, a Tokonoma (in which items for artistic appreciation are displayed) carved with petal wall, and “Chikuryu-an” which was a tea room of Komatsu Castle in the Edo period. The studio also makes various Kutani wares using traditional color painting techniques with gold leaf. They have produced collaborative works with various companies such as UNIQLO, Legal, Gundam and COMESA, and hold solo exhibitions nationwide. Artist is known for numbers of exhibition awards.

Address: Ro 156,Takadoucho, Komatsu,Ishikawa 923-0031
TEL: 0761-22-1793
Opening Hours: 9:00~17:00
Closed: Irregular
Directions: 【By Airplane】It takes about 15 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport. 【By Train】10 minutes by car from JR Komatsu Station and 10 minutes from JR Nohmi-Negami Station. Stop only at each station. 【By Car】About 2 minutes from Takado Exit on National Route 8. About 10 minutes from Komatsu IC on Hokuriku Expressway.
Parking: There is a parking lot for large buses