Nomi-Shi Kutaniyaki Ninaite Kobo/ Tsuyoshi Satou and Shiho Aikawa)

Founded in 2019 by Nomi City for Development of Kutani industry, with the aim of promoting Kutani ware after facing shortage of artisan successors. They are trying to foster craftsmen by providing the chance for people to visit studios and connect with local manufacturers. Also, the public is welcome to observe the work of the craftsmen in the workshop and feel the charm and techniques of Kutani-yaki in front of their eyes. Sato Goshi, a member of the workshop, is known for his integrated production from molding to overglaze painting. Shiho Aikawa uses the Kutani pottery technique called “Ichinmori”, which is a technique for decorating pottery with uneven surfaces.

Address: 33 Izumidaimachi Minami, Nomi,Ishikawa 923-1111
TEL: 090-3157-0546
Opening Hours: 9:00〜17:00
Closed: Mondays
Directions: 【By Airplane】It takes about 22 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport. 【By Train】 17 minutes by car from JR Komatsu Station, 18 minutes by car from JR Nomineagari Station.
Parking: Free parking available nearby.