While inheriting the traditional technique of wood-turning, the workshop has been making mainly wooden products, based on the concept of “Redefining Values”. We are also involved in various activities under the theme of “sustainability”. For example, “Only Bowl”, in which you can create your own unique bowl by combining six different shapes and five different finishes, and “Timber Pot”, which is based on the concept of “returning to the soil” and enjoys the changes over time by carving out the wood from thinned cedar trees, are opening up new ways of being a wood craftsman.

Address: 512 Nishibukurocho,Sabae,Fukui 916-1221
TEL: 0778-42-6523
Opening Hours: Irregular
Closed: Irregular
Directions: 【By Train】About 15 minutes by car from Sabae Station on the JR line. 【By Car】10 minutes by car from the Sabae IC on the Hokuriku Expressway.
Parking: 2 standard-sized parking lots, no large buses