Ryusen Hamono (Knives)

Founded in 1953 using the traditional method of “Echizen Uchihamono” (Echizen cutlery with years of practice and the artisans’ skills that makes a thin and light blade forged by unique techniques) which has been passed down in Echizen for about 700 years. Besides knives, the company is now undertaking the production of items relevant to the modern lifestyles such as cutleries and stationaries via its unique forging techniques. Their excellent skills and refined designs have been highly praised world-wide. Inheriting Echizen’s proud craft, the company aims at establishing a brand with trust and performance in the world.

Address: 10-7 Ikenokamicho,Echizen-shi,Fukui 915-0873
TEL: 0778-23-3552
Opening Hours: 10:00~17:00
Closed: Sundays and certain Saturdays
Directions: 【By Train】5 minutes by car from JR Takefu Station.
Parking: 5 standard size cars, no large buses