Yoshida Junko

Based on the concept of “Akae (red paint) and color”, Yoshita Junko uses one of the Kutani traditional painting techniques “Akae-saibyo” (a technique to draw detailed pictures with red paint) while applying glassy colored paintings. After graduating from the Ishikawa Prefectural Institute for Kutani Pottery, her works has been exhibited in galleries in and out of Japan. (Mitsukoshi Nihombashi, Hankyu Umeda, Hong Kong Sogo, Hotel New Otani, Haneda Airport International flights, etc.). She holds painting demonstrations and workshops in her studio.

Address: Kanazawmachiya-Shokuninkobo-Higashiyama, 2-1-21 Higashiyama,Kanazawa,Ishikawa 920-0831
Opening Hours: Irregular(please contact us by email)
Directions: 【By Bus】JR Kanazawa Bus from Kanazawa Station, Hokutetsu Kanazawa Bus, Nishinippon JR Bus Get off at “Hashiba-cho” and walk about 5 minutes.
Parking: None