Event Passport

* You can purchase the Advance Ticket for¥2,500 by September 9, 2021

●Admission to all 5 venues of Special Exhibiton I and Special Exhibiton II

● Online viewing of Opening Event at Shikoji Temple on September 9, 2021

● Stamp Book for “Toyama-Echizen Stamp Book: Journey to the Heart of Kogei”

● Discount for The Exhibition “Kouga-kenran” of “KUTANism”

Single Venue Ticket

[Special Exhibition I]
Shokoji Temple ¥1,200
Natadera Temple ¥800
Otaki-Okamoto Shrines ¥500

[Special Exhibition II]
SKLo + Noetica ¥1,000

GO FOR KOGEI 2021 Offical Guidebook

A limited edition of 1,500 copies of the Official Guidebook will be available, which introduces the 46 artists, directors, and craftsmen who will be participating in the special exhibition, as well as their representative works, production themes, and highlights of GO FOR KOGEI 2021.

Release:Late August (tentative)
Delivery:If you purchase online, we will deliver your order by post (postage excluded). You can also purchase Official Guidebook at each venue of Special Exhibition (except Otaki Shrine and Okata Shrine), but they may not be in stock.


*Event passport and Single venue tickets are limited to one person per a ticket, and are valid for one entry per venue.Once purchased, passport and tickets cannot be refunded or reissued.

*For Special Exhibition II, you can enter two venues, SKLo and Noetica, with an admission ticket for 1,000 yen.

*The prices of Event passport and Single venue tickets include admission to Shokoji Temple and Natadera Temple.

*Admission to Shokoji Temple and the Otaki-Okamoto Shrines is free for visitors under 15 years old and visitors with a physical disability certificate (and up to one attendant). *Admission to Natadera Temple is ¥800 for visitors 13–15 years old; ¥300 for visitors 6 –12 years old; free for visitors under 5 years old, and ¥500 each for visitors with a physical disability certificate and up to one attendant. However, Noetica is not wheelchair accessible.

*Admission to [Special Exhibition I] is until 30 minutes before closing, and admission to [Special Exhibition II] is until 15 minutes before closing.

*If you purchase Event passport online by September 9, you will receive a URL and password to watch the live streaming of the opening event on September 9 to the E-mail address that you registered at the time of purchase.